Pre-demolition audits and deconstruction services

Pre-demolition and pre-refurbishment audits provide clients with independent advice about the products and materials that can be reused or recycled prior to demolition or major refurbishment.

In order to make use of materials stored inside old buildings, it’s important to understand their make-up and reuse opportunities. Once reusable materials are identified these need to be extracted by specialists who can maximise the quantity of material that might be retained for reuse instead of needing to go through an energy intensive recycling process.

You can read more about pre-demolition and pre-refurbishment audits at the Circular Economy Wiki.

BRE, a partner in the CIRCuIT programme has carried out research on pre-demolition audits and provides related services.

In 2018 the EU released “Guidelines for the waste audits before demolition and renovation works of buildings” which covers pre-demolition audits, providing best practice and guidance to facilitate and maximize recovery of materials and components from demolition or renovation of buildings.



Reusefully is an organisation which was created to provide the built environment sector with circular economy and sustainability advice. It is a provider of pre-demolition and refurbishment audits based in London.

Net Positive Solutions


Net Positive Solutions works with clients to create sustainable solutions. It provides circular economy consultancy services, including Pre-Refurbishment and Pre-Demolition Audits. Net Positive Solutions works to create value by promoting design solutions and engaging project teams to think outside of the box.