Supporting data and other tools

A circular economy in the construction sector requires better data and tools so that more materials can have a second life and be reused. The organisations below provide digital services.


Digital tools

Madaster is a platform (launched in 2017) which securely stores data on construction objects and enables users to generate material passports for buildings, construction projects and building portfolios. Information on the quality, origin, and location of materials in a structure is stored on the platform for use by owners and asset managers.

Q-Flow logo


Digital tools

Q-Flow provide data services to the construction industry to help digitise and analyse materials and waste data. Their tools help organisations make decisions on carbon emissions as well as cost and quality based on real-time data.


Digital Tools

Upcyclea provides a digital system which enables businesses wanting to leverage circular economy principles to work towards decarbonising their buildings. Their myUpcyclea platform enables asset owners to create passports for equipment and products they use in collaboration with their suppliers, providing useful insights on reducing environmental impacts of space design and management


Digital Tools

Salvoweb host futureuse – which provides a range of supporting information about material reuse from which was based on the FCRBE research project, this includes information on measuring the environmental impact of reuse.